October 4, 2018

For Immediate Release


Jenny Motkaluk Declares She Is The Only Mayoral Candidate Who Can Combat Crime & Tackle Winnipeg’s Meth Crisis

Meth fueled property & violent crime is crippling our beautiful city, we must do whatever it takes  to make our streets and neighbourhoods safe again – Motkaluk

Today – Mayoral candidate Jenny Motkaluk announced a major addition to her “Protect Winnipeg” platform to directly confront and eliminate the current Meth crisis that is gripping Winnipeg and consuming police and health resources. Jenny intends to strike a Police Meth Task Force whose sole purpose will be to track and disrupt meth distribution in Winnipeg from point of insertion to final distribution by dismantling the underground network.


“Tough problems require tougher solutions. Our meth crisis isn’t going to be solved by standard enforcement tactics. It’s reached near epidemic status and its destroying lives,” says Jenny Motkaluk.


“We are going to tackle the scourge at point of entry and severely disrupt the trafficking network. It’s time to move from defence to offence”


Under Mayor Bowman, crime rates have risen to the point where Winnipeg has some of the highest per capita violent crime rates in Canada.


As Mayor, Jenny Motkaluk will appoint, train and deploy a dedicated WPS Meth Task Force comprised of specialized police officers and investigators, in coordination with provincial and federal authorities, to perform the necessary operations that will dismantle meth distribution in Winnipeg.


“Meth users are victims too – if we thwart usage by choking off supply we can save lives and the prevent the rippling crime effect associated pre and post consumption.”


Jenny has already announced a plan to establish a Safe Detention Unit at the Main Street Project to detain people who are publicly intoxicated on meth so that they cannot cause harm to themselves or others. This will reduce first responder and police resources required to handle meth related incidents.


Handling meth intoxication safely and efficiently is a necessary reactive strategy but it is not preventative. A Tactical Police Meth Squad or Task Force is the only way to halt the distribution and establish control.


“Striking a dedicate Meth Task Force and giving them the necessary tools and flexibility to operate is what it’s going to take to combat our meth crisis,” concludes Motkaluk.


What other measures are part of Jenny’s Comprehensive “Protect Winnipeg” Plan?


Increase Police Deployment via Joint Deployment Barriers Task Force – Form a Joint Police Deployment Barriers Task Force to move more cops from behind their desks to the streets to fight crime, patrol neighbourhoods, respond to calls and battle the crystal meth crisis. The goal of the Task Force would be to identify reforms to cumbersome legal, resource and contractual barriers to more flexible police deployment.


Safe & Efficient Meth Detention Unit at Main Street Project – Create a better system for dealing with people who are detained for being publicly intoxicated on meth, (developed in consultation with police, firemen, paramedics, and Main Street Project staff) that would enable first responders to manage someone who is high on meth in a similar way as they handle someone who is drunk on alcohol. Creating a new specialized meth unit at the Main Street Project would mean first responders would spend less time waiting for meth users to get medical attention and it would alleviate demands on ER resources.


Crime Prevention Initiatives Fund – Create a $500k Crime Prevention Initiatives Fund (CPIF), to be awarded annually through a transparent City Council process, in consultation with the Police Service. The fund will be allocated to support citizen patrol organizations, safety-by-design initiatives and other projects with measurable crime prevention objectives.


Place Cops on Buses – Propose that Council adopt a new Section 5 for the Winnipeg Police Service By-Law to add a broad mission statement. While this mission statement should include direction on community policing, crime prevention and other aspects of the Winnipeg Police Service mission, it would also specify that various public places, including vehicles and facilities of Winnipeg Transit, are within the broad patrol responsibility of the Winnipeg Police Service.


Funding Cops on Buses – Move as quickly as possible to redirect all funds budgeted by City Council for fare inspectors to support police patrol capacity for the transit system instead.


School resource Officers – Double the School Resource Officers (SROs) in Winnipeg Schools. Motkaluk will increase the SRO complement from 17 officers in schools in 2018 to 34 by year-end 2022, at an estimated annual cost of $2.7m once fully in place. Police officials would prioritize school deployments upon agreement with school divisions. This initiative would include pilot projects in elementary schools. SROs would be available for other deployments in summer as needed at the discretion of the Police Service.

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