Mayoral candidate Jenny Motkaluk makes a campaign announcement about inclusivity among the mayor and councillors at Johnston Terminal in Winnipeg on Wednesday, Oct. 3, 2018. Winnipeg Free Press 2018.

Mayoral candidate Jenny Motkaluk said she wants to make city council more inclusive by changing the role of the mayor’s executive policy committee.

At a press conference at The Forks, Motkaluk said she would involve all 15 city councillors in the planning process that the EPC would be responsible for implementing.

She said the current top-down model favoured by Mayor Brian Bowman sees policies generated from the mayor’s office then discussed and ratified by the EPC creating a “Yes Brian” club. She said EPC has become a patronage appointment for a select group of councillors who will do the mayor’s bidding.

“By engaging in a comprehensive strategic planning process that involves the input of all 15 city councillors, policies will be more inclusive and representative of the interests and concerns of all Winnipeggers, not just the ones fortunate enough to have a councillor on EPC,” Motkaluk said.

A situation where some people in some wards are being left out because they’re not represented by a councillor on the EPC “smells like taxation without representation,” she said.

City councillor Jeff Browaty joined Motkaluk at the press conference. He said previous administrations have seem power concentrated in the mayor’s office but never to the extent it is now. Browaty, who is not a member of EPC, said he struggles to get the mayor’s attention.

“At times I have had to ambush the mayor in the parkade or at public events to get his attention,” Browaty said.

Motkaluk said she believes residents want a mayor who listens to both critics and allies.

“Isn’t that the whole point of democracy?” she asked.