October 3, 2018
For Immediate Release

Mayoral Candidate Jenny Motkaluk

Proposes Inclusive Governance Model for City Hall

As Mayor, Jenny will empower City Council to generate policy using a strategic planning process to be implemented by Executive Policy Committee

Today – Mayoral candidate Jenny Motkaluk announced that she intends to bring a more inclusive governance model to City Hall that involves generating policy at the City Council level to then be implemented by members of the Executive Policy Committee (EPC). By engaging in a comprehensive strategic planning process that involves the input of all 15 City Councilors, policies will be more inclusive and representative of the interests and concerns of all Winnipeggers, not just the ones fortunate enough to have a Councilor on EPC.

The current top-down model favoured by Brian Bowman sees policies generated from the Mayor’s office and then discussed and ratified by the EPC.

“The problem with the so-called “Strong Mayor” model is that it excludes several Councilors, their wards and their respective citizens from participating in critical debate and policy generation”, says Jenny Motkaluk.

“EPC is effectively a contrived “Yes Brian” club that excludes the interests of thousands of Winnipeggers. That is not an acceptable governance model.”

A Mayor and EPC driven governance model essentially becomes a patronage reward system for Councilors that align themselves with the Mayor’s opinions and priorities. Unfortunately, those Councilors that may disagree with the Mayor will likely find themselves on the outside looking in and never in a position to contribute to policy development or project priorities. Jeff Browaty informs Jenny Motkaluk that he is one of the Councilors that has been effectively ignored by the Mayor and sidelined from policy input.

“If I were one of the constituents in a ward whose elected Councilor was being selectively ignored by the Mayor, I would not be pleased. I think Winnipeggers want a Mayor who is prepared to listen to critics and allies alike, regardless of whether they agree,” concludes Motkaluk.

“Isn’t that the whole point of democracy?”


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