October 17, 2018

For Immediate Release


Motkaluk Commits to Freezing Frontage Levy Rates


Frontage levy rate hikes are unacceptable and the preferred tax of lazy leadership

Today – As mayor, Jenny Motkaluk will commit to freezing frontage levy rates at the current $ 5.45 per foot rate. Frontage levies have been leveraged by Brian Bowman as a “concealed” tax on top of his annual 2.33% property tax increases. Although they have been a component of property taxes for several years it is their rate of increase over the last 3 years that has become so alarming to Winnipeg homeowners.


“Brian Bowman has hiked frontage levy rates by 45% since taking office and there appears to be no end in sight,” says Jenny Motkaluk. “So much for his 2014 election promise to hold property taxes to the rate of inflation.”


“A tax is a tax is a tax – it doesn’t matter how you package it, it’s still another hand in our pockets.”


Frontage levy rates have been “justified” to provide more funding for street renewal on top of the 2.33% annual property tax increases in each of the last 4 years and again in the next 4 years if Brian Bowman is re-elected – a collective straight-line property tax hike of nearly 20% in 8 years. Sewer service rates have also increased over the last 3 years by nearly 23%.


“Add it all up and it amounts to a great deal of financial hardship for struggling families and seniors on fixed incomes. The dream of buying and owning a home is quickly becoming a nightmare of affording to keep it.”


Motkaluk contends that the Mayor is demonstrating a lack of skill, innovation and leadership by simply returning to the taxpayer well each and every year to finance major projects (and lots of pet vanity projects). A more collaborative and cohesive Council under Jenny’s leadership would plan better to achieve results without financing them with exorbitant tax increases under different labels.


“It demonstrates lazy leadership when you try to re-package what amounts to just another tax. Salaries and pensions certainly aren’t rising by 45% each year – these hikes are outrageous and I will put a stop to them as Mayor,” concludes Motkaluk.


“How can we expand our tax base if people can’t afford to live here anymore? It’s as simple as that.”


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