October 23, 2018

For Immediate Release


Motkaluk Wraps Up Mayoral Campaign


Offers thanks, summarizes platform and concerns over Brian Bowman’s policies

Today – Mayoral candidate Jenny Motkaluk wrapped up her four-month campaign at her campaign office by first thanking Winnipeggers for their interest, the candidates for their participation, her volunteers for their support and her family for their love and belief in her.


The four months have been fun, frantic and at times rather surreal and whacky, admits Motkaluk. Regardless of the outcome, I feel much more connected to this wonderful city and its people thanks to all that they have taught me during this invaluable experience.


“Running a campaign is incredibly humbling and I understand now that a Mayor shouldn’t be elected to simply push his or her agenda onto the citizens of Winnipeg but rather to be a facilitator that leads by implementing the best ideas of City Council.”


“My platform is a snapshot of some of my ideas but as Mayor it’s ultimately about Winnipeggers and what will make a difference in their lives not mine.”


Jenny’s Ideas at a Glance:


Property Taxes & Utilities

  1. 1.16% annual tax increase, down to the homeowner level
  2. Freeze frontage levies
  3. Freeze sewer & water rates and conduct investigative audit on unspent fees


Meth & Crime

  1. Emergency Detox & Detention Facility at Main St. Project
  2. Strike Police Meth Task Force
  3. Smart downtown revitalization starts with safety before all else
  4. Implement School Resource Officers
  5. Crime Prevention Initiative Fund
  6. Police Redeployment Review – Task Force to free up officer time to be on patrol



  1. 30% larger bus fleet, convert to electric buses, clean reliable transit
  2. No to Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) – waste of resources, Bowman vanity project
  3. Police to include buses as part of their enforcement jurisdiction – safe bus rides
  4. Freeze transit fares



  1. Overhaul 311 and apathetic culture & service at City Hall
  2. A more inclusive governance structure at City Hall – Council to create policies (Yes Brian Club!)
  3. A commitment to work collaboratively with the entire Council not just a select few Councillors


Infrastructure & Planning

  1. No to Portage & Main! And No means No!
  2. Extend Peguis West to Route 90 and service Centreport with sewer & water
  3. Make Louise Bridge a top infrastructure priority
  4. Road repairs ahead of the curve with more assistance from feds and province
  5. Stop dumping raw sewage into our waterways – short & long term solutions
  6. Qualification Based Selection (QBS) used for procurement & planning of major projects – buying better
  7. Revisit bike lanes downtown – consult with downtown businesses about their impact


Traffic Enforcement

  1. Fair Traffic Enforcement – about SAFETY, no more predatory tactics & cash grabs


Upon concluding her campaign and awaiting Winnipegger’s decision on Oct. 24thJenny would like to share four major concerns in particular about Brian Bowman’s policy platform and his prior performance.


“I would like begin by thanking Brian Bowman for his dedication to public service over the last 4 years. None of my criticism is personal but I am absolutely going to share my concerns about his policies and there are four in particular that stand out and that I ask Winnipeggers to consider:


First, let’s be candid and clear about what is absolutely the most urgent issue on the minds of Winnipeggers and the biggest impediment to growing this city economically and culturally. Crime and the meth crisis are blocking our path to future progress as a city, tragically altering and ending lives and forcing the good people of Winnipeg to live in constant fear and apprehension of being victimized. Brian Bowman has had four years to stem the ugly tide of crime and it’s not abating – in fact violent crime has been increasing on his watch to the point we are now the violent crime capital of Canada – a title that is unacceptable. I will do whatever it takes to tackle violent crime and the meth crisis as Mayor.


Second, the Portage & Main plebiscite is not binding and Brian Bowman has said ‘Not Now, Not Yet’ about re-opening the intersection. Then came the hedge play which I frankly see as a little “sleight of hand” by the Open advocates – the apparent requirement to remove the concrete barriers to seal the surface from leaks and cracks anyway… so why spend the money to re-install them? Whether that’s true or not, it sounds like a wedge excuse to eventually open Portage & Main. I urge voters to not let that scenario become relevant by electing Brian Bowman. If I am elected, Portage and Main will not be opened, period.


Third, let’s face it, the single most striking theme of Brian Bowman’s last 4 years has been ‘hands in your pockets’. A near 10% property tax increase (with another 10% on the way, if elected), 45% hike in frontage levies, a 23% hike in sewer and water rates, transit fare increase, growth fees for developers that will be passed onto homebuyers. Where will it end? Tax and spend is not leadership – it’s laziness and Winnipeggers can’t afford any more of it. They are tapped and are done being Brian Bowman’s piggy bank. My policies are far more taxpayer friendly and will put a halt to expensive vanity projects that do too little for too few and cost too much. I will bring common sense back to how the city taxes and spends – based on the priorities that matter to Winnipeggers.


And finally, let’s talk about respect for all Winnipeggers by assuring them that their duly elected Councillor will not be shunned or ignored when it comes to policies and planning. I may not always agree with my fellow Council members but what I will do is listen to them and treat them with respect and professionalism. This is not the scenario under Brian Bowman’s leadership currently.


Civic governance does not have to be exclusionary. Democracy only works when the process is democratic. The Council that I envision is inclusive, collaborative and functional. I hope to demonstrate that starting Oct. 25th,”concludes Motkaluk.


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For more information, please contact:

David MacKay, Communications Director

Jenny for Mayor Campaign

Cell: 204-955-3714